Cynthia S. Trop, M.D.
Cynthia S. Trop, M.D.

Frequently Asked Questions - Expert Witness & Consultant - Urology and Urologic Surgery

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Are you generally an expert for the plaintiff or defense attorney?

A.  I have served as a urology/urologic surgery expert and consultant for both plaintiff and defense cases.

2.   What is your experience with personal injury cases?

A.  I have been retained in cases of neurogenic bladder resulting from traumatic spinal cord injury and in urogenital injury related to motor vehicle accidents and violent trauma.

3.   Can you “just” review the documents and inform counsel if you feel malpractice has occurred?

A.  Each case is different.  Review of documents is only the beginning of a thorough analysis of a case. For example, in cases of alleged malpractice relevant research may be needed to determine whether there is a departure from the standard of care and whether the departure was a substantial factor in causing the alleged injury to the patient. Once formed, an opinion may be provided orally or in writing as required by the case.*


* How to Start, Build, and Run a Successful Expert Witness Practice. 
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